Add driver/pulse_cnt.h to Mongoose


I want use PCNT counter in my ESP32 project
I found DrBomb library GitHub - DrBomb/pulse_cnt: A rough mJS wrapper for mongoose OS but there is problem with #include “driver/pcnt.h”

Probably in new esp-idf they changed it to driver/pulse_cnt.h but even when I correct it and compile I get an error:

/home/rafal/BootUp/deps/pulse_cnt/include/mgos_pulse_cnt.h:7:10: fatal error: driver/pulse_cnt.h: No such file or directory
#include “driver/pulse_cnt.h”

How I can add driver/pulse_cnt.h to my project ? I need to change something in Mongoose ?

You should ask the author of the library how to fix it.

sorry my mistake, Mongoose use ESP-IDF 4.2 and in this ESP-IDF everything is OK

Problem solved, library is working