API License Endpoint

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  1. My goal is: License a device via API

  2. My actions are: Send a request via POSTMAN to:
    raw-body is:

    “type”: “mos”,

    “app”: “llavemovil”,

    “device_id”: “0fed40f0cec93e0a”


  1. The result I see is:

Response is:

"id": "b4935f511756f29b997567e6390edf89",

"type": "mos",

"app": "llavemovil",

"device_id": "0fed40f0cec93e0a",

"text": "EOPJHcAYkUqizdQlGO7JKJ3YPJwqlwDOzRuqbLxebRnbcbU+fDtJl/KMGhsRjTv6x5iM7DwDsepeGX3TyPiP34TU8/Lqm0/amMEYpIFDDRvKN+RPsL5K3DXNu2sEOw3jj+nvSct/i/bxanl8pwaBy9SZYIUcD3vUgJ6K7o078RC3g0nxcV2tUlD7KMuIlX1n",

"plain_text": "{\"ota\":true,\"pid\":\"mos\",\"ts\":\"2021-01-05T19:43:44Z\",\"uid\":\"0fed40f0cec93e0a\"}",

"time": "2021-01-05T19:43:44.126318219Z",

"left": 3

4. My expectation & question is: Device does not get the license, neither they are substracted from my available licenses. Device is an ESP32