Can't license device OTA

I can license my ESP-32 device over USB, but not OTA, as follows:

Step 1 Successful license via USB

C:\Mong\Orchard97>mos license
Connecting to the device…
Using port COM3
Querying device UID…
PID: mos UID: 0f178ca5e71b36d3
Requesting license from
License: kqPNu5zO4Aic8NvYLnataldvtTea6sKdorWUHGg/m3YCstGsXhClNi3+7uDJbTWvSrlTUKVmrBFu0cf1/kdJNVEE8kK+qyTeZbSQXblk3IsypJc3TYprK07ivO8Yt6KS4TlwteFQeTW9nsz8ffewTDUr6qwKdoLfjiwSFCE4raCCWT6Ls5b7GCnXaWE95Kzp (950 left)

Updating config:
device.license = kqPNu5zO4Aic8NvYLnataldvtTea6sKdorWUHGg/m3YCstGsXhClNi3+7uDJbTWvSrlTUKVmrBFu0cf1/kdJNVEE8kK+qyTeZbSQXblk3IsypJc3TYprK07ivO8Yt6KS4TlwteFQeTW9nsz8ffewTDUr6qwKdoLfjiwSFCE4raCCWT6Ls5b7GCnXaWE95Kzp
Setting new configuration (level 1)…

Step 2 Connect over WiFi and verify websocket operation

C:\Mong\Orchard97>mos --port ws:// call Sys.GetInfo
“id”: “esp32_17EDBC”,
“app”: “Orchard97”,
“fw_version”: “1.0”,
“fw_id”: “20221015-015723”,
“mg_version”: “2.20.0”,
“mg_id”: “20221015-015723/2.20.0-g1885c0f”,
“mac”: “240AC417EDBC”,
“arch”: “esp32”,
“uptime”: 622,
“public_key”: null,
“ram_size”: 262868,
“ram_free”: 117724,
“ram_min_free”: 51052,
“fs_size”: 2161361,
“fs_free”: 1607404,
“wifi”: {
“sta_ip”: “”,
“ap_ip”: “”,
“status”: “got ip”,
“ssid”: “JSW2016”

Step 3 Attempt to license OTA (same device)
C:\Mong\Orchard97>mos --port ws:// license
Connecting to the device…
Querying device UID…

…and there is no response. It will stay like this forever.

please help. I have several devices in the field that require licensing.

Thanks for your help,