Configure Wifi SSID or Password with a Space


My goal is: To be able to configure wifi for networks where the wifi SSID and / or Password have a special character or a space in them.

My actions are: I am working on a project where the end users network uses a space in the SSID and Password. I have tested this on my local network, and it appears that the Command line entry


interprets a space in the SSID as delimiting the SSID into part SSID and part password entries.

The result I see is: When configuring wifi with a SSID or Password containing a space I am not connecting to the local network.

My expectation & question is: Can someone help me understand how to configure a SSID or Password containing a space. Is there a way to enter it as an ASCII or Hex entry?

Thank you in advance


The one who is interpreting the space as a parameter separator is your shell, you should know how to pass parameters to a program in your shell in your OS.
Depending on your OS and shell it can probably be surround them with " or ' or perhaps escape them with \.


Dear Scaprile,

Yes all three methods you suggest work. (OSx zsh )

‘Test SSID’
Test’ 'SSID
“Test SSID”
Test" "SSID
Test\ SSID

Thank you for your help