Connect to more than 4 peripherals simultaneously


Hi all,

  • I try to connect to more than 4 BLE peripherals simultaneously.
  • I set the parameters ‘CONFIG_BTDM_CONTROLLER_BLE_MAX_CONN’ and ‘CONFIG_BTDM_CONTROLLER_BLE_MAX_CONN_EFF’ both to 5 in the yml-file
  • Connecting to the 5th peripheral, I see the message “BT_APPL: No resources to open a new connection”

Has anybody an idea, where this error message comes from and how to solve this problem?

Thanks and kind regards


You seem to be using the ESP32 as a client, connecting to several servers.
Mongoose-OS is mostly a wrapper for the ESP-IDF here, and a quick search for the first of your macros points to this page in Espressif’s documentation.