ESP32 demo-js build failed



The ESP32 demo-js build failed today.
It was successful to build before.

/data/fwbuild-volumes/latest/apps/mqtt_auto_esp32/esp32/build_contexts/build_ctx_088108168/deps/azure/src/mgos_azure_sas.c:69:3: error: too few arguments to function ‘cs_base64_encode’
cs_base64_encode((uint8_t *) buf, sizeof(buf), b64buf);

/src/cli/main.go:198: build failed
Error: /src/cli/build_remote.go:333: build failed

I am using latest mos build tool and the default demo-js project.
The Mongoose OS command line tool
Version: 202008211943
Build ID: 20200821-200010/2.18.0-1-g7d543c6-master
Update channel: latest

Thanks for help.


A recent change in the signature of cs_base64_encode was not propagated in all the libraries.
I opened a PR to fix it in the azure library.
Until it is approved, you can pin to 2.19.1 release, or switch to the release version of mos.

libs_version: 2.19.1
modules_version: 2.19.1
mongoose_os_version: 2.19.1

Anyway, your latest is very old. The current latest is

The Mongoose OS command line tool
Version: 202102201946
Build ID: 20210220-194723/2.19.1-3-gd7396d5-master
Update channel: latest

It is working after upgrade to version 2.19.1.