Firmware OTA problem via mDash!

I am using ESP32 connected to then when I tried to update OTA firmware into my ESP32 board via mDash. but I got the following error log on output log from ESP32 board and OTA firmware update failed on my board.


[Jul 12 05:53:33.691] online: true {“alarm”:{“min”:0,“hour”:0},“ram_free”:89164,“uptime”:181.663741,“btnCount”:6,“on”:true}
[Jul 12 05:53:42.105] mg_rpc.c:273 No handler for OTA.Begin
[Jul 12 05:53:43.691] online: true {“alarm”:{“min”:0,“hour”:0},“ram_free”:89164,“uptime”:191.663732,“btnCount”:6,“on”:true}

Let me know what the problem is.
Thanks in advance.

You need the rpc-service-ota library

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