Git submodules in own library


Hi, I have this driver which is in a git repo A and added Mongoose-OS specifics in another repo B, which includes this repo A as a submodule.
There is no mos.yml file in repo A
The mos.yml file in repo B adds the include and src paths to repo A

If I recursively clone repo B, add this to deps/ and add the proper ‘- name: repoBname’ to mos.yml, then mos build works OK and I get my code as expected.

If I just add the proper URL to my mos.yml file ( - origin: repoBurl ), then mos build fails, it doesn’t find the includes in repo A, as if it wasn’t initializing submodules.
Repo B branch name is ‘master’.
Repo A branch name is ‘main’ (it is intended to be nested from other modules and I left Github default).
Suggestions ?


Well, for anyone interested, I assumed submodules were not supported and changed my layout to a subtree.
A subtree is still linked to a commit in the other repo and can be easily updated, files do reside at both repositories so there is no need to recursively pull.
This works OK.


Nice, I’ve not used git submodules with Mongoose but avoid them generally since I always come up against some kind of quirk. Thanks for sharing your solution