How to send auth key in RPC call mjs


Hi trying little help here,
How to send auth in RPC call (secure RPC)


You will have to implement the digest authentication in your code.


Hi i have done that ,
Set auth file in RPC.auth , domain in RPC.auth_domain and acl json in RPC.acl_file

But it still doesn’t work, it works when i call from pc using curl or mos, but doesn’t work with RPC call(RPC.LOCAL)


With debug level 3 ,it shows error 401, there’s is no error when called from pc


You have to implement Digest access authentication
The steps are described here


Done the same thing, but we cannot call rpc locally, beacause the code in mjs, i think its impossible to pass auth in RPC frame in mjs, i think i have to shift to c


Implement it in C and ffi to mJS.