Kiwi BLE gateway


I would like to set up Kiwi BLE gateway on my ESP32, but i have a problem.
In Licencse page there is no Kiwi licenses to buy.
I am not sure if tutorial is correct at the moment?

Please let me know if it is a still working option

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Hi Tautcius, did you got this working somehow? I bought two different licenses (ccm and mos) … and nothing works. Playing with other samples, still no luck.

Or you found other working option? I`m going to try with


Hi All, I have this same issue the Kiwi BLE gateway demands a kiwi licence however there is no option to purchase a Kiwi licence on the ccm and mos. This is a rip off that we end up paying for these additional licences that turn out not to work has anyone managed to get a kiwi licence or support from mongoose to get this kit working??



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How I can get a refund then? I bought ccm and mos licenses hoping the that kiwi will work