Local build using docker

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  1. My goal is: I want to use all library locally build using docker.
  2. My actions are: when I build locally ,my app size increases and it does not build.
  3. The result I see is: all library we use build locally without incresing the size of app.

Whats the command you are running to build locally? Whats the error?

ok …i will try this…thank you

The flag for local build is --local:

mos build --local --platform esp32

This command creates two directories in the root directory of your application build and deps. If you want to do a remote build after a local one, you need to delete them.

I suggest to run the mos commands from a command prompt. It’s more convenient to copy/paste the output.

The error in the second screenshot says that the library rps-mqtt-master does not have the mandatory mos.yml manifest.