Mos tool needs a quit button

need a method to release the serial port ie quit the program

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I use tasklist | find mos.exe and then taskkill /pid xxxx but there should be a easier way!

You have to do whatever your operating system provides to signal a job to stop.
How do you start it ?
In Linux you start it on the command line, it is just a matter of pressing ctrl-C. IIRC, that works on Windoze too

note the Windows version goes into background by default.
ie it closes the command window

Did you try opening a command prompt (or however they call it these days) and writing ‘mos’ ? It can only close the window if you double click on it.
I haven’t used mos in W for a long time, but it didn’t go into background those days

I agree it did use to stay in foreground but now it doesn’t in windows 10.

able to quit with task manager in Win7, although perhaps not ideal