New contribution: NAU7802 ADC library


We would like to contribute a new library for the NAU7802 ADC:

Any feedback is appreciated.

David Lobato
Turbine Kreuzberg

Hi, nice!
May I suggest you add some YAML settings for the hardware dependencies ? Look how I did it here (or anywhere else… just an example)

Hi @scaprile,

Do you mean adding a config_schema section with configurations for the hardware?
There’s not much to confifure, but sure I can add the data ready pin.

Who manages the mongoose-os-libs organization? We would like to integrate the libraries there if possible.

Yes, adding to the config schema and taking the value out of the config instead of hardcoding it. Just a suggestion so users don’t need to modify the sources (or add to compile flags which is a bit more involved for those who don’t do C)

We need @nliviu or one of the developers to answer your question

What are the .pvs and .sr files in the docs folder?

LE. Trying to build a demo application:

failed to git fetch /data/fwbuild-volumes/latest/apps/nau7802-i2c-test/ubuntu/build_contexts/build_ctx_133526713/deps/nau7802-i2c master

It looks like you have to rename the main branch to master.

Adding the version tag makes it build, but with some errors for the ubuntu and esp8266 targets.

  - location:
    version: main

I was wondering exactly the same… looks like some description file for a logic analyzer.

@nliviu The pvs and sr files are just a sigrok session recorded with the code inizializing the device. As @scaprile guessed just a logic analizer trace. I tend to do that so I can verify what the code actually does. For instance the looks like this on pulseview:

Should I remove them?

I can create the branches accordingly, although I think the main reason is that the tags for the versions are missing.