Online:false - but it is?

Hello all

I’m following the beginner’s tutorial and have managed to get through to the WiFi configuration.

I can see that my ESP32 has connected to the WiFi (and confirmed this on the router) but the console display continually says “online:false”.

Two questions if I may :

  1. how do I turn off the autoscroll…most frustrating.
  2. If it’s connected with an IP address why do I get this message? Can I do a “ping” from the ESP32 to confirm if it is telling me the truth?



In the demo-js application online means the device is connected with a cloud service (AWS, GCP, dash, etc.).

Thank you.

Is it possible to reduce the frequency of this? Maybe once a minute or the like.


Read the docs about how to change this.

I did have a good look round before asking. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated. I’ll crack on with the next steps.