Sd card file path to send file


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  1. My goal is: I have to send multiple files (about 100) content (for a total of about 2 MB or more) via HTTP to a remote broker.
    Since ESP-32 has limited RAM I can’t read all files and put in a buffer before publish it.
    Is there any way to perform a “chuncked/segmented” publishing with esp-http library?

  2. My actions are: I refer http client library and search for some methods but not getting anything.

  3. My expectation & question is:It is very helpful for me if anyone suggest to find solution for this.

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Have a look at mgos_prometheus_metrics_pushgateway.c


@nliviu thank you for reply.


but is it possible to send data to other servers(other than prometheus)…
can I send that data to my web-page using this lib???


@nliviu it seem that.prometheus has its own server but want to use our there any way to send data to our server??