Serial port messages over TCP

I’d like to implement transfer serial port messages over TCP.
I want to connect heat meter to esp32 using UART. Esp32 is like wifi-serial gateway (or converter) between heat meter and high-level application with functions of TCP server.
High-level app can send messages for every connected TCP clients and recieve responces. The request for heat meter can be in Modbus RTU format or other. It must be like a Modbus RTU over TCP.
Can I do that with a help of mos?

Do you want to know if there are libraries supporting some of your thoughts ?
Do you want to know how to code that ?
mOS is a framwork, as long as you know how to code you can do whatever you want (as long as it fits in memory…)

I want to know, can I solute this task with a functions of mOS?
And, of course, if there is any library for this, I won’t reinvent the wheel.

If I correctly understand, I need any TCP_Server and TCP_Client libraries.

Not mOS, but something I found yesterday when debugging mOS UARTs:

Should do exactly what you need (bidirectional conversion of UART to TCP streams).

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