Setting channel for access point mos 2.17.0

I am wanting to setup, for a fleet of ESP32 devices, what access point each for the devices is to connect to. This due to the fact that they aren’t able to reroute to another access point/channel if the first one they tried is full. They simply get stuck in queue and can’t find the router. Is this kind of configuration possible in mos 2.17.0?

You have an SSID, a BSSID, a channel.
If you call the scan functions in C or mJS you get the channel and BSSID info too.
You can have multiple station configurations, each one with a different SSID.
If all your APs have the same SSID then the device should select the one that is strongest (based on the RSSI that you also get from the scan functions). Your network should provide for separate channels when the AP radiation patterns overlap, and all APs use the same SSID and password. Your device will connect to the strongest one; however, if your network can’t cope with the number of clients it has, then you have a network design issue.
If the other available APs are not stronger, I don’t see how one can manage that in a user friendly way without resorting to a different SSID. Having a BSSID selected means that your devices will depend on one AP with a specific MAC address being alive and reachable.
The channel and BSSID config options are available at the IDF level, docs here, I don’t know how to make this work into mOS, related code is here