Adafruit E-Paper / E-Ink Library for Mongoose OS (new lib)

I have been working on porting or rather wrapping Adafruit_EPD for Mongoose OS:

Hope it’s useful for some of you out there, as well.

It can be used with C/C++ as well as JavaScript or rather mJS and I tested it on ESP32 and ESP8266.

Here’s a “screenshot” of the example application(s):

Note that I usually/“professionally” don’t work with C/C++ or have anything to do with embedded system programming, so please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve its performance, memory footprint or anything else.

And last but not least: I must say I have a pretty good experience using Mongoose OS => thanks!

(almost forgot: I hope you don’t mind that I used your logo here but if you do, then please let me know and I’ll remove it ASAP)


Would you like to move it under the mongoose-os-libs organisation and have it listed under the ?

You’ll retain the admin permission and copyright over the repo.

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Hi @cpq ,
Sure, it can be moved under the mongoose-os-libs organisation.
Let me know if there’s anything to do on my side in order to make this happen, but I assume you’ll create a repo there and give me access?

Nice library … Will test it soon for sure. :+1:

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@bbilger - , you’re an admin. Thank you !

Great, thanks. I’ll move the code there, soon.

@cpq , I moved the code there, thanks!
Last question: Would it be possible to enable travis CI build for that repo (or rather org, I guess) - iff it’s not too much of a hassle? I think it would make sense for other libs under mongoose-os-libs, too, but I can live without it, for sure.

I think you can do it yourself. Please try like in the following example:


Sorry for the late response.

I have a .travis.yml in the repo and I had it working in my own repo ( but for the new repo that’s apparently not enough.
I don’t have that much experience with Travis CI but I think it needs to be enabled on an organisation level (and per repo?!) by an owner/admin; i.e. third-party access needs to be granted.

I requested access now - assuming that’s what is missing - from but it still needs to be approved by you - if you are okay with granting Travis CI those permissions.

Notes: so far Travis CI is not configured/allowed for mongoose-os-libs (, it is allowed for mongoose-os-apps ( but only for the repo losant-temp-sensor ( even though there’s no .travis.yml file there.