Adding support for ESP-IDF v5.0

Hi all,

To my understanding, Mongoose-OS’s ESP-IDF code is contained in this fork, whose most recent tag is 4.4.1-r7. My team and I were hoping to benefit from features and bugfixes from more recent versions of ESP-IDF (ideally v5.0 but later patches of 4.4 would also be helpful to us).

As I understand, these internal updates are performed by the open-source community, and I myself would be interested in contributing towards Mongoose OS compatibility with a later version of ESP-IDF, but require a bit of guidance as to how exactly Mongoose’s fork of the repo differs from espressif/esp-idf, as well as what exact changes to the codebase such an update entails.

I notice that many recent updates to the Mongoose source code are authored by a GitHub user by the name of rojer. I am unsure if he frequents this forum or if there is a way to tag him, but I would be interested in his input on this matter! But any other guidance from those in the know would be extremely appreciated as well — thank you in advance!

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Check out the mos gitter: cesanta/mongoose-os - Gitter

Sounds good! I have reposted my question there.