After licensing still restrictions on the libs

  1. My goal is: use without restrictions after licensing

  2. My actions are: build with default mongoose-os-libs, followed the licensing docs, run “mos license”, check cron for restrictions

  3. The result I see is: after licensing the libraries are still restricted.

Licensing seems working and also the license counter counts one license down.

In my Config File the license is also included:

But when I run with more cron jobs it get the following result:

  1. My expectation & question is: What did I do wrong? What can I check?

Thank You really much


We’ve added sources for the cron and crontab libs.
Please use the latest build, and you should not see any restriction for the cron anymore.


Hi cpq,

thank You it seems working now without restrictions.

But by the way it seems also working without restrictions without licensing? Maybe that is interesting for You.

Thank You and best regards

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Thank you for opening it, @cpq!
I was writing a cron library for myself based on ccronexpr and sunriset:grinning:

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