Any examples for BLE GATTC?


If you are asking a question, please follow this template:

  1. My goal is: using the esp32 device to connect to a 3rd party ble device

  2. My actions are:
    Comparing the ESP-IDF ble examples to mgos bt-common library.

  3. My expectation & question is:

An example ble gattc example.

Docu says gattc client isn’t implemented, but the code is sitting there in bt-common/src/esp32/esp32_bt_gattc.c . (

There are the ESP-IDF examples, but clearly there are strong similarities between the example code and the code the Cesanta folk have written. The only thing missing for a semi novice like me is an example stringing it together.

Can anyone help out? I’m happy to edit the website docu afterwards to show a proper example.

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Hello Mark_Terrill,

I do search for the same thing , to connect my peripheral to the ESP . Even the arduino ble stack is not that stable and has issues used along with aws iot and ble. Finally I thought of using the mongoose os and try but later I could see that everything else is implemented but not the BLE to another device is not available. I need to write the characteristics to my device from ESP.
Were you able to find any working code for the same .Please do help me