Azure IoT Hub GWV2 support

Hi everyone!

i’m currently in exchange with Microsoft as they are migrating their Azure IoT Hubs to a new version GWV2. This new IoT Hub seems to have some issues with the mongoose os client - especially the topic used for updating the device twin:
This topic “$iothub/twin/PATCH/properties/reported/?rid=upd%u” causes a server side disconnect. The new IoT Hub version only works if there is a $ sign before the rid - “$iothub/twin/PATCH/properties/reported/?$rid=upd%u”.

Are you aware of this issue?

I’m currently in exchange with Microsoft to work out a migration strategy for our devices - but this is still work in progress. It would be greate if they support the old topic - as GWV1 does - but let’s see …

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Since you mention you will “migrate your devices”, I assume you are a licensed customer, in which case you should contact Cesanta at the support mailing address

I contacted support by email and copied all relevant information there as well.

A colleague created a pull request to fix the issue: Added missing $ in topic for MQTT PUBLISH messages by hermlon · Pull Request #6 · mongoose-os-libs/azure · GitHub.

Do you plan to fix this issue?

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