Basic builds questions


Hello everyone,

Iam a fresh user of the Mongose os framework.
I am trying to make a ESP32 projet about the creation of a HTTPS server with ESP32 flash encryption.
Prevously i used the IDE arduino, not so great with the ESP32.

So, i have cloned the “HTTP server” exemple from the moggose os repspositories.
All is great, the server is functionning and the mos configuration file is good…
But, i want to change my IP adress and few stuff like that. I have seen that this prorpieties are belong to the wifi “library”. So i am trying few solution to configure that library thougt my mos.yml, but neither is functionning.
(Iam trying to merge the two mos.yml, copy all include and sc a into a two unit folders,…)

So my question is so basic:

How can i “merge” two “exemple” easly to do one ESP32 build?

Thanks a lot.



If I understand your question correctly, you’re trying to combine two examples. Just use your editor to write an mos.yml file that includes each element you need once. You’ll see how things are grouped.