Basics of build and flash


Hi everyone, I am a newbie to mongoose OS framework, I’m using ESP8266.
I have the example source code from , I am really not sure how to run this example on ESP8266 ? can anyone share step by step process?


Have you tried to do anything else at all yet? First, the startup docs are here:

Read them carefully, a few times if necessary, but basically it tells you how to install the tools you need to build an app and flash it into a device.

I noticed that the example you selected is quite old, and as I look at it I see the entry point is function main() which is typical of C / C++ apps. I have been using Mongoose for a while now, and have never seen an example that uses main() as an entry point. Let me suggest you start with a newer and simpler example, perhaps some code that just blinks a LED. This will let you learn how to layout and build a Mongoose app and flash it to your device.

Give that a try and if you run into specific problems ask specific questions.

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