1. My goal is: [describe your goal]
    get rid of this error (no other errors either before or after):
    I (55163) wifi: bcn_timout,ap_probe_send_start
    various different numbers in the I( )

  2. My actions are: [describe your actions - code, commands, etc]
    run my application as I have been

  3. The result I see is: [show the result - log, etc]
    I see this message showing up when it hadn’t been before:
    I (55163) wifi: bcn_timout,ap_probe_send_start

  4. My expectation & question is: [describe your expectation and your question]
    what is causing this message and how do I get rid of it?

mgos_init.c:36 Init done, RAM: 247400 total, 180792 free, 177168 min free