Build esp32c3 firmware

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  1. My goal is: to build esp32c3 firmware
  2. My actions are: I notice that it seems esp32c3 has been somewhat supported
  3. The result I see is:
  4. My expectation & question is: How can I use mos command to build esp32c3 firmware?

Use the flag --platform espc3, but be aware that there is no support for peripherals like i2c, spi, pwm…

Thanks for the quick response!

The build starts but failed as following:

mongoose-os: Going to fetch module from
mongoose-os: Does not exist, cloning from ""...
mongoose-os: Checking out 2.20.0...
mongoose-os: Done, hash 1885c0fdb1302f3c9ddfbedd84351d7662fbf183
mjs_module: Going to fetch module from
mjs_module: Does not exist, cloning from ""...
mjs_module: Checking out 2.20.0...
mjs_module: Done, hash b1b6eac6b1e5b830a5cb14f8f4dc690ef3162551
mbedtls_module: Going to fetch module from
mbedtls_module: Does not exist, cloning from ""...
mbedtls_module: Checking out 2.16.11-cesanta1...
mbedtls_module: Pulling...
mbedtls_module: Done, hash 74d761821fd23ea220eb552ece941908c2f48a39
Error: /src/cli/manifest_parser/manifest_parser.go:413: neither sources nor prebuilt binary exists for the lib "mongoose" (or, if a library doesn't have any code by design, its mos.yml shouldn't contain "sources"). Fetch error was: [mongoose: failed to download github asset libmongoose-espc3.a: mongoose-os-libs/mongoose: no asset libmongoose-espc3.a found in release 2.20.0: file does not exist]
/src/cli/build_local.go:142: error parsing manifest
/src/cli/main.go:194: build failed
Error: /src/cli/build_remote.go:359: build failed
/src/cli/main.go:194: build failed

My procedure is

$ mos clone app1
First run of the version 2.20.0, initializing...
open C:\Users\tan.xinyu\.mos\state.json: The system cannot find the path specified.
app1: Does not exist, cloning from ""...
app1: Checking out 2.20.0...
app1: Done, hash 2f72cff40959502871f7253f67ec87e5c1502231
Command completed.


$ mos build --platform espc3

Anything I missed?

Sorry, typo --platform esp32c3 and forgot to mention that you must use mos latest.

mos update latest