Ca-bundle library no longer usable

I’ve raised an issue on github and attempted to get some attention on gitter without any luck, thought I’d try here instead.

I see @nliviu still active, maybe you can help us get this resolved?

I think we need to drop current tag 2.20.0 and re-tag latest

I suppose you are using mos 2.20.
I’d suggest to setup a local build environment, build once and then replace the ca.pem from 2.20 with the one provided by the master branch of the library, and build again.

Or simply upload the new ca.pem to your devices.

Thanks for the reply @nliviu , yes I’m using mos 2.20

Is there a reason you think it makes sense to have a broken latest release of this lib rather than replacing the tag?

I’ve done this successfully:

- origin:
    version: latest

Sorry, forgot about the version tag…
It looks like Cesanta is not anymore interested to maintain Mongoose-OS…

:tired_face: well that sucks, we’ve put a lot of time in to mos and support via mDash subscription.
Thanks for the response.

Mongoose-OS is still one of Cesanta’s main products, if you have commercial issues please contact Cesanta, not these forums

@scaprile appreciate your comments, but I’m using the open source aspects of mongoose os which I believe this forum is the right place to discuss.

A few members on this forum listed as maintainers (including nliviu)

Yes, some of the maintainers are here and also in Gitter.
As you have mentioned mDash and a lot of effort, I thought you might have a commercial interest.