Camera support?


Hi All,
I`m running a couple products using Mongoose OS and came across a use case for which i would need to grab an image, compress it into base64 format and send to the cloud ( possible via mqtt )
I did a quick POC on RPI based on node red and it works like a charm but i was thinking i i can actually. do this as well on ESP32 with Mongoose running things.
Does anyone came across or used camera with esp32 running mongoose ? Any pointers ?


I was in trouble some months ago when trying to compile ESP32-CAM demo code on mOS. My guess is that apparently the code uses an interrupt function scheme that clashes with what mOS uses and so one should re-write that small part of the code (I got a runtime error indicating that no ints were available). Unfortunately I abandoned that project (I’m not payed to play with that anymore) after I didn’t get a yes/no response from the developers.
I could try to help, though, just ring me a bell

PS: I could also probably supply some readable docs, not everything regarding this device is written in mandarin


Thanks ! I’ve figured out the way to do it - i will use a separate esp32-cam module with adruino code running ( plenty examples on how to do it out there ) , that will send a file via serial every X amount of time to my Mongoose OS based board whicih will then take care about sending this out further. If i knew C well i probably could do it even with single ESP but that’s not the case i`m affraid :slight_smile: Thanks so much for your answer !