Cannot call IFTTT maker webhooks from device - SSL error

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    Use JS Post to call an IFTTT webhook
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I have configured an IFTTT maker webhook, which when opened through browser works and I get a notification.

Howevery when I send it from the ESP8266 device:


            url: '',

            headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json'},

            success: function(){

                print('Notification sent successfully...');              


            error: function(err){

                print('Notification not sent, error: ' + err);              



I keep getting a ssl error

  1. The result I see is: [show the result - log, etc]

    [Jan 23 12:57:09.800] mongoose.c:4912         0x3fff72e4 ciphersuite: TLS-ECDHE-RSA-WITH-AES-128-GCM-SHA256
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.466] E:M 516 (65 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.500] E:M 516 (65 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.518] E:M 524 (66 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.567] E:M 528 (67 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.650] E:M 516 (65 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.683] E:M 516 (65 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.717] E:M 524 (66 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.750] E:M 528 (67 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.834] E:M 516 (65 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.866] E:M 516 (65 blocks)
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.884] mongoose.c:4912         0x3fff72e4 x509_verify_cert returned -9984
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.884] mongoose.c:4912         0x3fff72e4   The certificate is not correctly signed by the trusted CA
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.901]   The certificate is signed with an unacceptable hash.
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.901] 
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.901] mongoose.c:5088         0x3fff72e4 mbedTLS error: -0x2700
     [Jan 23 12:57:10.983] Notification not sent, error:  
     [Jan 23 12:57:11.001] mgos_mongoose.c:66      New heap free LWM: 264
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I also checked the example here
I tried to add some ca certificates to ca.pem, but did not help.
Is my ca.pem incomplete or wrong ?

Found a similar topic

So, there is no solution to the problem when making a SSL POST query in JS ?

IIRC, that is indicating that your key has been signed with a hash that is no longer supported. I don’t remember right now, I had that very same problem when playing around with old keys and new browsers. Wherever you got that key/certificate, sign it again or generate a new one with a more up to date engine.
Search for that string for more info, I didn’t navigate more than one or two Google responses before I came out with the proper reason correctly explained.