Can't enable ethernet

  1. My goal is: I’d like to connect my device via ethernet
  2. My actions are: I’ve connected a LAN8720 board to my ESP32 module according to this tutorial: Ethernet on ESP32 using LAN8720 Then I flashed a simple firmware with the ethernet library and then entered “mos config-set eth.enable=true”
  3. The result I see is: The device cannot initialize the ethernet driver and keeps rebooting. The relevant boot messages are:

[Oct 15 16:28:16.660] mgos_sys_config.c:470   MAC: fc:f5:c4:0f:78:84
[Oct 15 16:28:16.664] mgos_sys_config.c:478   WDT: 30 seconds
[Oct 15 16:28:16.768] e[0;31mE (1541) emac_esp32: emac_esp32_init(307): reset timeoute[0m
[Oct 15 16:28:16.774] e[0;31mE (1551) esp_eth: esp_eth_driver_install(198): init mac failede[0m
[Oct 15 16:28:16.781] esp32_eth.c:118         Ethernet driver init failed: -1
[Oct 15 16:28:16.786] mgos_deps_init.c:218    ethernet init failed
[Oct 15 16:28:16.790] mgos_freertos.c:184     MGOS init failed: -32
[Oct 15 16:28:17.298] mgos_vfs.c:1026         Unmounting filesystems
[Oct 15 16:28:17.303] mgos_system.c:43        Restarting

I also tried using mos config-set eth.phy_addr=1 first end enabling the ethernet interface afterwards, but that gave me the same results.

  1. My expectation & question is:
    Obviously I’d like my device to be able to connect via the ethernet interface.

Thanks a lot!

In the end I ordered the ESP32-EVB with integrated ethernet, now everything works fine.