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  1. My goal is: To connect CC3200-LAUNCHXL to Google IoT Core for fetching temperature data on BigQuery for preview.
  2. My actions are: Brought CC3200-LaunchXL device
  3. The result I see is: NA
  4. My expectation & question is: Any inputs/tutorial or guide to run this scenario for our customers, helps us to demonstrate them about IoT features of cold chain functionalities using GCP IoT Core.

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Thanks! Big Big problem I can’t see my Device CC3200 able to connect to MOS. See screen it says access denied, I am admin of my windows laptop, tried all COM ports. Thank you, Amit


Here what I am getting with my Windows 10 system


Any update or info will definitely help us, its one of the biggest demo scheduled with large enterprise


This usually happens when the port is used by some other application (might be anoter instance of mos).