CC3220 with Mongoose OS(uniflash issue)

  1. My goal is: CC3220 with Mongoose OS for IOT applications with cloud communication .
  2. My actions are: I am new to Mongoose OS and we are working on CC3220.
    We found out Mongoose OS is easiest and fastest to get started for IoT development with CC3220 .
    I am following Mongoose OS quick start guide for getting started with CC3220.
    I have downloaded the mos tool for windows 10 ultimate .
    But i am getting issues with flashing the firmware into CC3220.i had used Uniflash 5.1 version but found out that it is not compatible so i went for with lower version of uniflash but still i am not able to flash the firmware.After going for Lower version of Uniflash it still show the read error in console.
  3. The result I see is:a)using Uniflash 5.1- Flashing error: failed to upload image: image programming error @ 0: e0 = -10275, e1 = 4097
    b) using Uniflash 4.2 - Read error EOF
  4. My expectation & question is:Can anyone please guide to get started with CC3220 Mongoose OS with any documents or guides?
    What is the compatible version of mostool for windows 10 OS 64 bit operating system with compatible Uniflash version?