Community Contributions/Libraries in Documentation


Before I submit a PR, want to see what you guys think would be the best section to place this in.

I think we should add a section under maybe API Reference, or even create a new top level menu item “Community” with sections like “Libraries” “Tutorials” “Blog Posts”

That way we can try and keep an organized list of community contributions like libraries, tutorials, and other helpful things that most users will not be able to find unless the scour the forums or specifically ask in gitter chat

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#2 was created with that purpose


@cpq yeah but that is more for “howtos” whereas i’m referring to everything from tutorials, to community libraries, to tools/scripts, etc.

Either way I basically just created an Awesome list for Mongoose OS and started listing everything on there:

Then wrote a script that will call GitHub’s API to generate the markdown for all official libraries/apps, and added community stuff to it as well