Config-set wifi.sta# > 2?

  1. My goal is: Have more than 3 SSID defined in the wifi.sta nodes
  2. My actions are: add a new object to wifi.sta3
  3. The result I see is: Not working
  4. My expectation & question is: Is it possible to have more than 3 defined stations in the wifi config mode?, is yes, is there a max number of sta to be defined?

The wifi library supports only 3 station configurations. It’s easy to extend to more then that.


Thanks @nliviu. Do you know where I can find a good tutorial about MOS and compiling libraries local in order to modify the libraries?

I tried last week on my own with no success



You need to install docker, set the local origin of the library in mos.yml and run mos build --local --platform xxx


- origin: ../libs/lib1

My directory layout is something like this


Thanks @nliviu, I have found:

#define NUM_STA_CFG 3 

In mgos_wifi.c and changed to 5, plus added to the mos.yml:

- ["wifi.sta3", "wifi.sta", {title: "WiFi Station Config 3"}]    
- ["wifi.sta3.enable", false]
- ["wifi.sta4", "wifi.sta", {title: "WiFi Station Config 4"}]
- ["wifi.sta4.enable", false]

The only local lib reference in the main mos.yml is:

- origin: ../libs/wifi    

But it still scans until #3 (sta2), is there any other part where the max # of STA is defined?


Yes, there are some other changes necessary. Just read the code :slightly_smiling_face:


Found it, for anyone else needing to extend the number of STA
File: mgos_wifi_c.h:

Define the number of STA:

#define NUM_STA_CFG 5

Extend case use to the number of STA:

static const struct mgos_config_wifi_sta *mgos_wifi_get_sta_cfg(
const struct mgos_config_wifi *cfg, int idx) {
if (cfg == NULL) return NULL;
switch (idx) {
case 0:
  return &cfg->sta;
case 1:
  return &cfg->sta1;
case 2:
    return &cfg->sta2;
  case 3:
    return &cfg->sta3;
  case 4:
    return &cfg->sta4;
return NULL;


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Great work. I suggest you submit that as a PR to the cesanta team.

ps, easiest way to submit a small PR is browse to the file on github (ie and click the edit icon. You can edit in the browser and submit a PR all in 2 minutes flat. Much easier than the old fork the library, clone, change it, commit, go back to github and create a PR.


And if you do that, helps to modify the doc page with your note on the NUM_STA_CFG variable limit of 3, but you can change that if building locally.