Connecting ATECC608A to Olimex ESB32-EVB


I’m trying to hook up an ATECC608A to ESP32-EVB from Olimex.
I think I have connected everything right, in the initial boot I see the following messages:

[Oct 19 11:34:29.114] esp32_i2c_master.c:393 I2C0 init ok (SDA: 13, SCL: 16, freq: 100000)
[Oct 19 11:34:29.156] mgos_atca.c:125 ATECC608A @ 0/0x60: rev 0x6002 S/N 0x123*************, zone lock status: no, no; ECDH slots: 0x0c

I tried to send the following command via mos:
mos atca-set-config atca-test-config.yaml --dry-run=false

But it gives me the following result:
remote error 404: No handler for ATCA.GetConfig

I have included the atca lib in my mos.yml, so I don’t know what else I should be doing now.


I think you need to add the rpc-service-atca library as well.

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Yep, I forgot to add that, now it’s fine :slight_smile: