DAC in Mongoose OS


Hi Guys, I’m Cristian. I work on a new product and we need to include a DAC. But I don’t see a library for use DAC in esp32. So I looking for your recommendations:

  • Use esp8266 and integrate, for example, MCP4725 and migrate the library for Arduino to mongoose OS
  • Use esp32 and try to use the internal DAC with Mongoose OS.

What do you think? I would be very grateful.


My 2 cents:

  • I personally don’t like
    • Arduino nor the idea of having alien libraries interacting with an event-driven framework.
    • The ESP8266 and its proprietary OS and hacked TCP/IP stack (which I don’t know if they are still present in Mongoose-OS)
  • The ESP32 is a more powerful product, with better support
  • The use of one or other DAC is a matter of needed resolution/speed, cost and portability.