Esp8266- mos build error

I am getting this error to run a mos build command for a predefined code on github for dashboard example:

esp_system.h: No such file or directory
131 | #include <esp_system.h>
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

I’m too lazy to follow links and search through a bunch of text, next time try to find the ^
The compiler is not finding the include files, your project is not correctly setup. What are you trying to compile ?

I am trying to run this on esp32

You can not build esp32 code on an esp8266, IDFs are different.

You can’t mix Mongoose Embedded Web Server Library 7.0 with Mongoose OS.

Mongoose OS has it’s own mongoose library which is based on mongoose 6.18.

I also tried with esp8266 i get same errors

how can i run a dashboard configuration panel (httpserver) on esp8266 or esp32 ?

Use the http-server library.