ESP8266 PPPos build failed


Hello, I’m working on a product that uses ublox gsm modem with an ESP8266. It should post secure mqtt messages on AWS cloud.
I’m using demo-c app as a starting point, adding pppos lib to the mos file, but build fails. Log:

fatal error: netif/ppp/ppp.h: No such file or directory
#include “netif/ppp/ppp.h”
I noticed that this file, as well as others listed in mgos_pppos.c, are lacking in ESP8266 non os sdk. They’re, however, present in the RTOS sdk (in anothother version of lwip) and in mongoose-os-libs/lwip (which says that it shouldn’t be used with esp8266/32 because they ship with a modified version).

Can you guys give me any advice to get this to work? Should I go for the RTOS sdk files or mongoose-os-libs/lwip? Porting MKRGSM arduino library is also on the table.

Native ESP8266 PPPos support would be awesome! I get no errors compiling for ESP32, but can’t compile to any other platform.