Exclude Directorys


How do I ignore or exclude directories in the “mos build” process?

Looking at the docs @https://mongoose-os.com/docs/mongoose-os/userguide/build.md it appears if you want to include directories you need to specify.

However this appears not to be the case as it scans my node_modules directory :confused:

mos build --platform esp8266
E0415 11:32:33.879832 3203 copy.go:180] /Volumes/data/projects/test/node_modules/.bin/acorn: unsupported entry type, skipped
E0415 11:32:33.880194 3203 copy.go:180] /Volumes/data/projects/test/node_modules/.bin/eslint: unsupported entry type, skipped

Theres a lot more of them just keeping it short.



Mongoose OS supports development in C and/or in JavaScript provided by the Embedded JavaScript engine for C/C++.



@nliviu - I am developing using the eJS and compiles and flashes without issue.

The issue is its scanning the node_modules directory which slows the build process.

MOS should not scan this directory unless I specifically tell it to include something from there