Failed to execute file "api_esp32_touchpad.js", failed to read file "api_esp32_touchpad.js"

  1. My goal is: Access inbuilt touchpad sensor of ESP32-WRROM-32
  2. My actions are: I have added
    in mos.yml

and in int.js

  1. The result I see is: failed to execute file “api_esp32_touchpad.js”, failed to read file “api_esp32_touchpad.js”
  2. My expectation & question is: Why not able to load “api_esp32_touchpad.js” ?

Did you add the esp32-touchpad lib as well in mos.yml?

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Thank you for your reply …

i have added these lib in my mos.yml file

If anything , i have missed please suggest me …waiting for your reply …
Thank you…


Well, it seems you missed to add the lib you are trying to use:

You’ll have to add this one to the mos.ymlfile, as I wrote in my first reply.

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Thanks for your reply …

now i am able to get the touch sense data by adding lib in the mos.yml

and by adding this in init.js


Thank you so much …