Flashing ESP-WROOM-32 module


I try to flash module ESP-WROOM-32 with mos, but have a problem. From ESP Download Tool I see that SPI speed of this module is 40 MHz. Mos flashs my chip with 80MHz.
After I extracted fw.zip and manually insert .bin files to ESP Download Tool and flashed using SPI Speed 40 MHz. After these procedures my chip began to work correctly (it seems to me), and now I can config wifi and can read chip info without problems.
Is there any solutions to flash with SPI frequency 40MHz in mos?

      --esp-flash-params string             Flash chip params. Either a comma-separated string of mode,size,freq or a number. Mode must be one of: qio, qout, dio, dout. Valid values for size are: 2m, 4m, 8m, 16m, 32m, 16m-c1, 32m-c1, 32m-c2. If left empty, an attempt will be made to auto-detect. freq is SPI frequency and can be one of 20m, 26m, 40m, 80m

Run mos help --full to see all the options.

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This is weird, I’ve been using ESP-WROOM-32 for a long time, last time with 2.18.0, and never had to manually set parameters. I’d suggest you try that version, just to rule out some possibilities. Run mos update 2.18.0 and after testing you can revert back to current with mos update
And of course try setting params as nliviu suggested and let us know

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Same here, I have used several different boards based around the ESP32-WROOM-32, including one of my own design, and never had an issue like this.


Thank you so much, it helps me!