Garbage values are printing while getting GPS values


My goal is to get GPS by parsing GPGGA string but the following error is generating.
How to parse Lat and Lan.
Error is as follows followed by code.

sscanf(data.p, “$GPGGA,%lf,%f,%c,%f,%c”,&time,&lat,&ns,&lon,&ew);

// LOG(LL_INFO, (“Scan Sentence %.*s”, data.len, data.p));
LOG(LL_INFO, (“What is string ‘%s’ \n”,data.p));
//LOG(LL_INFO,(“String saved is ‘%s’”,input));
result = strstr(data.p,str);
char *str3="\0";
int res = strcmp(result,str3);
LOG(LL_INFO,(“String saved is ‘%s’”,result));
LOG(LL_INFO,(“NO such string is present”));