Google Cloud communication issues


Greetings community members. I need your help!

  1. My goal is: Communicate and control IoT device (using ESP8266) through Google Cloud Functions
  2. My actions are: Communicate with a micro-controller through our IoT device (in this case to trigger a small motor)
  3. The result I see is: No response

Currently we’re building this IoT device using an ESP8266 (ESP-12F). In short, the device uses Google Cloud function in order for the user to communicate with the device, in this case, control an LED panel and turn on/off a small motor. The issue that we are facing right now is with the motor. All other sensors/micro-controllers (like the LED panel) work well and respond to our input (via the App as well as directly through Google Cloud). But for some reason, this motor won’t respond. Is there something we can’t see in our source code? This used to work well when we started off with Ionic (but then shifted to Native).

Any idea why this might happen?

Your help is greatly appreciated! I really need your assistance.

Stay safe!