Hitting ~62 max concurrent connections. Any way to increase this?


Hi folks,

I’m hitting an issue with an embedded mongoose server where there seems to be roughly ~62 maximum concurrent connections, and once this limit is reached, all future connections are refused until existing connections are closed.

I’m primarily hitting this due to a large amount of websocket connections.

I’ve created a minimal repro case based on the websocket example with this index.html. If you want to run the demo yourself, I’ve zipped the project (vs2017) here: MGConnectionTest.zip.


In my example, once I’ve created more than ~62 (sometimes fewer) concurrent websockets, the mongoose server holds off on fulfilling all future requests, even HTTP requests. As I close open websocket connections, the pending requests are fulfilled in first-come-first-serve order.

I haven’t been able to find any defines or mg_serve_http_opts that modify this behavior.

Thanks for any insight!