How to call RESTful API in esp8266 mongoose os

  1. My goal is: Try to call RESTful api in esp8266 which worked on http and https protocol.i found http server API reference in mongoose os document. but not find any reference for http/https client.

  2. My actions are: i google this problem but not find any document or any example related to this.

  3. My expectation & question is: please someone help me to getting out in this problem. please provide me any document or example related to esp8266 as http/https client using mongoose os.

mg_connect_http is what you need.

Have a look at these examples too.

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Thanks Nliviu;

i will check and revert you.

Hello nliviu,

How this example run and upload in esp8266 using mos.exe

Call mg_connect_http(mgos_get_mgr(), ev_handler, s_url, NULL, NULL); to connect and process the data in ev_handler.

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Am I looking at the correct place for the use of HTTP functions ?
Since even the name got changed to “mg_http_connect”