How to close debug messages?

1. My goal is: Closing all debug messages which are coming from UART0 via FTDI.

2. My expectation & question is: We are using UART0 for communication between two ESP32 out of necessity. I think, when ESP32 going to reset, there is some complication happened in UART0 communication. I want to close all info messages which are coming from UART0 when ESP32 is in boot mode. I added a photo which shows boot infos I want to be closed. Thanks in advance.

Not sure if it remove all of those logs, but I’d start by reading the documentation on adjust the log level here

The ESP32 data sheet talks about the different strapping pins. You can disable that output on startup with a hardware change. I don’t know f that’s an option for you but if you can change the hardware, check out the strapping pins in the data sheet.

AFAIK, you can’t disable the boot messages on UART0.
You can move the serial comms between the ESP32s to UART1 or UART2.

Some time ago I came across the IMU library by Pim Van Pelt. His demo uses UART0 and disables logging to that UART. YMMV, some messages still go through when the system starts.

  - ["debug.stdout_uart", -1]
  - ["debug.stderr_uart", -1]

For comms projects it is customary to use one of the other available UARTs, as suggested.

Hi all;

Thank you for all answers. We can not move serial commands another UART port. Because all uart ports are used. We solved the problem by adding specific conditions when sending and receiving messages and we set debug level -1.