How to manage conf*.json files in code&


My goal is to save some device-specific data in conf2-9.json and user configuration in conf9.json. I want to create there some own configuration fields.

  1. My question is how to achieve this? Should I manually do this via RPC, or is there API in Js for this? How to save data in a specific file via Cfg.set()?
  2. Why settings stored in manually created conf1.json are not present in “mos call Config.Get”?

Did you happen to RTM here ?
Most work happens at compile time, you then may restrict changing some settings through ACL and may manually edit some layers, user changes (code calling RPC or API) reflect at conf9
If you need new parameters quote: “If you need to define your own config parameters, add a config_schema section in the mos.yml file”. Those will appear at conf0 and you may change them at another layer


Thank you for your response. Yes, I’ve checked that page and generally, I understand the whole process. But can you, please, write some kind of example - how to write configuration fields to conf1-conf9 via RPM? Need I to create them manually?


Layers are handled by their respective owners so they will create those files in the filesystem when and if needed according to their criteria

RPC or API calls do not change conf0 to 8, yes you create them manually, as you will also manually create the ACLs if needed

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