How To Remove Particular Objects From A Nested Array In Mongoose?

Hello friends ,
I need a function to remove particular objects from a nested array ,please check the code as follow ,I have already tried a lot times ,but fail …Could you please help me ?Thank you so much in advance!

UserSchema :

userName: {
      type: String,
  specialList: [
        type: mongoose.Types.ObjectId,
        ref: "Friend",



Now ,I need a function to delete some of the friends in a user’s specialList by their user’s id, For instance ,

//this is not working like I wish ...I have no idea what is going on ...
const needToRmoveList = ["123","456"];
 await UserInfo.findOneAndUpdate(
        { _id: "345" },
        { $pull: { specialList: { id: { $in: [needToRmoveList] } } } },
        { new: true }

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