How to view console messages remotley via HTTP or telnet?


Good time of a day.

I want to make and debug a project remotley using mdash and mongoose os.
I can use a remote firmware update over the air and other OTA.commit features )))
But i cant to see console messages. Only if i connect my ESP32 locally in mos.exe

Can i connect to my ESP32 via telnet or ssh or monitor console via http server?

Thank you.


You can send logs via udp from the device, but you will need to forward a port in your router/firewall to the local computer.

Call Config.Set from mdash with the following string
{"config": {"debug":{"udp_log_addr":"your_public_ip_or_domain_name:local_port"}}, "save": true, "reboot": true}
On the local computer run

mos --port udp://:local_port console

I’m too lazy to try now, I remember publishing console messages via MQTT with older releases:

  "debug": {
    "stdout_topic": "/mytopic/stdout", 
    "stderr_topic": "/mytopic/stderr"

Works only after it connected to the broker, of course, so you’ll miss all the important boot and connect information; but it can help on the application side of the debugging process.
And I don’t know what this does:

  "dash": {
    "send_logs": false,

have you tried ?


Thank you for you replies. But may be someone have other ideas?