I try to flash original Firmware on Shelly1

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  1. My goal is: flash original Firmware on Shelly1 with this guide:

  2. My actions are: I flash the tasmota minimal in my Shelly1
    after i flash 0x1000 and after i try to flash Shelly firmware with:
    curl -i -F filedata=@c:[shblb-1.zip](http://shblb-1.zip/)

  3. The result I see is: i receive the message “1 update applied, rebooting” but in the end even after rebooting the same wifi network mg-xxxxx reappears and not a new Shelly …

  4. My expectation & question is: Now I don’t understand the reason for this problem, but I have a possible hypotheses:

  1. I may have been wrong to flash the 0x7000 file instead of the 0x1000 (I doubt but I consider it as a hypothesis) I read: “Be careful to pick the appropriate version, or the device will be bricked during the first boot of the target firmware!” So if I can access the wifi network and it also starts up, I don’t think I broke it so I feel like excluding the wrong firmware right? There is way to check which of the two firmware I have installed

Do you have any advice for me? From here can I try to flash some tasmota in case to bring it back active?

This is not related to Mongoose OS.
You should open an issue on the project’s repo.

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